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HM Courts and Tribunals Service publish Reporters’ Charter     

HM Courts and Tribunal Service, working with the Media Lawyers Association, have produced a Reporters’ Charter which aims to promote reporting in courts and tribunals by summarising the rights and obligations journalists have when reporting proceedings. The Charter was issued on 11 May 2022 and can be downloaded here.    

MLA respond to the Information Commissioner’s Office consultation on its draft Journalism Code

In October 2021,  the Information Commissioner’s Office published its draft journalism code of practice and opened it up to consultation. The draft code, which runs to 93 pages, covers some particularly challenging issues for the media industry. The MLA in its response raise a number of concerns, in particular that the code is in parts unwieldy and overly prescriptive.  In order to better illustrate some of the concerns, the MLA have also submitted a copy of the code marked up with suggested changes.

MLA respond to Parliamentary Justice Committee inquiry  into court reporting in the digital age

In October 2021, the MLA made written submissions to the Parliamentary Justice Committee as part of its inquiry into open justice and court reporting in the digital age. The MLA’s submission makes a number of important points about how simple new technologies can further open justice and improve media access to information. The submission stresses how the creative and responsible use of social media engages the public and how the risks of social media being used irresponsibly can be mitigated.

Previous Submissions

MLA Submission on ZXC

The MLA applied for permission to intervene in the case of Bloomberg LP (Appellant) v ZXC (Respondent) (CASE NO UKSC 2020/0122) which is due to be heard before the Supreme Court on 30th November 2021. The outcome of this misuse of private information appeal will undoubtedly have significant implications for freedom of expression and the media’s rights under Article 10 of the ECHR. Unfortunately permission to intervene was not granted, however the attached document contains the submissions that the MLA wished to make on behalf of its members.

MLA’s Response to the Home Office’s Consultation: Legislation to Counter State Threats (Hostile State Activity)

The MLA have submitted a response to the Home Office’s Consultation on legislation to counter state threats which contains proposals for reforming the Official Secrets Act, potentially giving less protection to whistle blowers and the media.

The consultation can be found here:

Combatting Online Harassment and Abuse: A Legal Guide for Journalists in England and Wales

This guide draws upon the experience of Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC having advised and assisted journalists dealing with online harassment and fearing for their safety.

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